What to expect from your cake smash session

First, what is a cake smash photography session?

Cake smashes are a fun way to celebrate your child’s upcoming birthday whether it’s their first or third!

Rest assured you will leave with images that you will treasure forever and no doubt a few will be shown years down the line at 18th and 21st birthday celebrations or even a wedding.

What does it involve?

My cake smash sessions all come with a cake and decorations in a colour pallet of your choice.

We start the session with some lovely family images, I also capture some of your little one alone, we sing songs, blow bubbles and generally have a fun.  My sessions are entirely led by your little one so don’t worry if at first, they seem a little shy.

After all that merriment we bring out the cake. If you are a little concerned about your child having so much sugar, don’t be, these sessions are more about making a mess, that you don’t have to clear up! very little cake gets eaten but you do sometimes get the exception were little one’s dive in face first. Again, we clap and sing to encourage those beautiful smiles and laughter.

After the cake has been well and truly demolished, we move on to the tub part of the session, your little one get a lovely bath all while having fun, the best part is they leave lovely and clean.

Baby explores birthday cake on a photoshoot in Sandwich Kent

To book your Birthday Cake Smash session, you can use the contact section of this website or you can email info@angelmoonphotography.co.uk  We can dissuss all your requirments for the shoot including themes and colours, to make sure that your cake smash is completely unique to you. I would love to hear form you.


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