Visiting a newborn baby: the dos and don’ts

Bringing a new baby into the world is a momentous occasion, filled with joy and wonder. As friends or family, the urge to visit and welcome this tiny new member can be irresistible. However, visiting a newborn baby comes with its own set of etiquette and considerations.

In those first few precious weeks, parents are often navigating the uncharted waters of parenthood, grappling with sleepless nights and adjusting to their new roles. Understanding this, it’s crucial to approach your visit with thoughtfulness and sensitivity.

In this article, we’ll explore the important dos and don’ts of visiting a newborn baby, ensuring your visit is as delightful and supportive as possible. From timing your visit to selecting the perfect gift, we’re here to guide you through making your visit a positive experience for the baby, the parents, and yourself.

Whether you’re a close family member or a dear friend, these tips will help you navigate the joyous, yet delicate, first weeks of a newborn’s life with grace and consideration.

Check First

Before you plan on visiting a newborn baby, the first golden rule is to always check with the parents. Those initial weeks are a whirlwind of adjustments and recuperation, especially for new mums who are recovering from childbirth. The family’s routine might still be settling, with potential visits from healthcare professionals or ongoing hospital stays.

It’s crucial to respect the new family’s space and time. A spontaneous visit, no matter how well-intentioned, might not be convenient. Reach out to the parents and ask when they feel ready to welcome visitors. Patience here is key; they might need a few weeks, or prefer to wait until their baby has received their first vaccinations.

Remember, every family’s situation is unique. Some may relish early visits, while others may ask for more time. In this delicate phase, a considerate approach to visiting a newborn baby can make all the difference to the new parents, ensuring that your visit is timely, welcome, and cherished.

Gifts for the Parents

When considering gifts while visiting a newborn baby, it’s thoughtful to remember the parents too. Amid the joy and chaos of bringing a new life into the world, parents often put their own needs aside. A carefully chosen gift can show your appreciation for their hard work and new journey.

One meaningful gift idea is a newborn photoshoot gift voucher from Angel Moon Photography in Canterbury. This offers the parents a chance to capture these fleeting moments with professional, heartwarming photos that they’ll cherish forever. It’s a gift of memories, allowing them to beautifully preserve the early days of their baby’s life.

Additionally, practical gifts can be a lifesaver. Consider items that offer convenience and comfort, such as meal vouchers from their favourite takeaway, or a basket filled with ready-to-eat healthy snacks. These thoughtful gestures can be a huge relief during busy days and nights.

For a touch of indulgence, why not add a bottle of wine or some gourmet chocolates? Homemade meals that can be easily reheated are also a wonderful way to show you care, taking one more task off the parents’ plate.

Remember, the best gifts are those that demonstrate your understanding and support for the new family. Whether it’s a memorable photoshoot or a simple home-cooked meal, your thoughtfulness in choosing a gift that eases their new journey will surely be appreciated.

Visiting a newborn baby

Visiting a Newborn Baby… or be the host!

When visiting a newborn baby, it’s a kind gesture to take on the role of a host, easing the burden on the new parents. Remember, they are adjusting to a major life change and hosting visitors might be the last thing on their minds. Offering to make a cup of tea or coffee is a simple, yet thoughtful way to show your support. Don’t hesitate to bring along some snacks or a light meal to share – this can be a real treat for parents who might not have had the time to prepare food for themselves.

Take the initiative in small tasks around the house during your visit. Offer to wash the dishes or tidy up the living area. These small acts of kindness can make a significant difference to parents who are likely running on minimal sleep and maximum responsibility.

The key is to ensure that your visit adds to their comfort, not their workload. By being proactive and considerate, you can make your visit a welcome break for the parents, allowing them to relax and enjoy your company without worrying about hosting duties.

Offer to Help

When visiting a newborn baby, offering specific help can be incredibly valuable for the new parents. While general offers are appreciated, they might be hesitant to ask for what they really need. Instead, suggest specific tasks like folding laundry, running a quick errand, or even taking their pet for a walk. This shows your genuine intent to ease their load.

Be observant; if you notice something that can be done, like tidying up the living room or restocking baby supplies, offer to take care of it. These actions speak louder than words, demonstrating your support and understanding during this busy time.

Don’t Expect Baby Cuddles

As much as you might be looking forward to a cuddle with the new arrival, remember that each baby is different. Some newborns may be unsettled by being held by someone unfamiliar. Respect the parents’ and baby’s needs – they are the priority.

If you are given the opportunity to hold the baby, ensure you wash your hands first, hold them securely, and be ready to hand them back if they become fussy. It’s also important to understand that newborns sleep a lot, so they might be napping during your visit. Embrace the chance to simply be present and share in the joy of the new family, even if it doesn’t include holding the baby.

Visiting a Newborn Baby: Always Wash Your Hands

A critical aspect of visiting a newborn baby is maintaining impeccable hygiene. Newborns are highly susceptible to infections as their immune systems are not fully developed. Therefore, the simple act of washing your hands becomes a significant and necessary gesture.

Upon arriving, head straight to the sink. Use soap and warm water, and scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds, ensuring you clean between your fingers and under your nails. This practice not only safeguards the baby’s health but also conveys a deep sense of responsibility and care to the parents.

Remember, your hands carry germs from numerous surfaces. Even if you feel your hands are clean, this step is non-negotiable when around newborns. By doing so, you’re actively participating in the protection of the baby’s well-being and providing peace of mind to the parents, demonstrating that you understand and respect the delicacy of newborn health.

Don’t forget to check in a few months down the line

The arrival of a new baby is an exciting time and is often followed by a flurry of visits, gifts, and attention. Often however, once everyone has met the new addition, new parents can find it a bit lonely. A great idea is to check in on a new mum a few months after the baby has arrived, especially if their partner has gone back to work!


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