Pregnancy in Summer: Summer Heat Safety Tips for Pregnant Women

The summer months can be hot, sticky, and uncomfortable for most people, however, for pregnant women summer temperatures can feel intolerable. If you are pregnant during the summer months surviving through high temperatures can take a toll on your body and be very uncomfortable. 

For some women experiencing hot temperatures while they are pregnant can be challenging, and staying cool becomes hard work. Hot temperatures can contribute to the risk of heat stroke, dehydration, and fatigue, so it is vital that pregnant women take precautions during hot weather. 

The following article will share some excellent ways pregnant women can stay safe during high temperatures, and tips on keeping cool during the summer heat. 

Stay Hydrated

Maintaining your hydration levels during pregnancy is important and becomes crucial during hot summer temperatures. 

  • Keep on top of your hydration by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. 
  • Monitor your urine. If you are adequately hydrated your urine should be pale to clear colour. If it is a dark colour it can suggest you are not drinking enough water. 
  • Avoid drinks that contain caffeine as this can act as a diuretic and increase urination and water loss. 
  • Carry a refillable water bottle with you to remind you to drink water. You can also buy water bottles that help you track how much water you have consumed, which can be helpful during pregnancy. 
  • When travelling or exercising make sure to drink more water than usual, and carry water with you. 
  • Keep a glass or bottle of water beside your bed for nighttime sips if you wake up. Although this can increase the number of toilet trips it is important to keep on top of your hydration when summer nights are hot and sticky. 

Pregnancy in Summer: Dress for the Heat

Although the summer heat is inescapable, your clothing choices can help make you feel much cooler. 

  • Choose natural fibres such as cotton and linen that are breathable and less likely to trap heat and cause you to sweat.
  • Light-coloured clothing reflects heat and helps you to feel more comfortable. 
  • Loose-fitting clothing helps air to circulate and reach your skin, making you feel cooler rather than tight-fitting clothing that is uncomfortable and restricts airflow. 
  • If you are planning to be outside, especially during midday invest in a sunhat that will protect your head and face from the sun’s rays. 

Reduce your exercise 

Of course, exercise is good for your health and even light exercise, such as walking, is great for pregnant women to encourage blood flow. However, during very hot summer days it is advisable to reduce any unnecessary exercise or trips outdoors in order to stay cool and avoid heat-related issues such as heat stroke. 

  • If you do choose to exercise try to schedule it early in the morning when it is cooler. 
  • Consider heat-friendly activities such as swimming which can help to cool you down. 
  • Always have a bottle of water with you when you exercise or go outside for a walk during high temperatures.  

Pregnancy in Summer: Avoid the sun 

If you are able to, avoid going outside during a heatwave or high temperatures and stay at home while you are pregnant. If you are able to stay at home during the high summer heat, make your home as comfortable as possible. 

  • Invest in a good indoor fan or even an air conditioning unit. You can purchase affordable air conditioning units for temporary use in your home which will keep the air very cool. 
  • Close curtains or blinds to prevent the hot sun’s rays from heating up the air inside your home. 
  • Make sure you have plenty of drinks and food in your house, with ice for cold drinks. Ask your partner or family and friends to help bring groceries to you to avoid facing the sun. 

Be prepared for the outdoors

Pregnancy in Summer: Summer Heat Safety Tips

If you do need to go outside during a heatwave be prepared and plan your time outside wisely. 

  • Avoid going outside in the sun between the hours of 11 am – 2 pm, which is when the sun is at its highest point and will be the hottest. 
  • Plan your route and make sure you are prepared by wearing a sunhat, sunscreen, and sunglasses. Make sure your shoes are comfortable and you can take a direct route to your destination. 
  • Stick to the shade when you are outside as this will help you to avoid the sun and the shaded areas will be cooler. 
  • If you feel unwell, make sure to take a break and sit down to rest. Take a bottle of water with you and snacks to help keep your strength up and avoid feeling faint. 

Get plenty of rest

If you are pregnant during the summer months you will feel more fatigued than usual as your body works harder to stay cool. 

  • Make sure that you have plenty of rest during the hot weather. 
  • Take daytime naps if you feel you need to. Especially if you are feeling overly tired. 
  • Pre-prepare meals ahead of time, or make easy-to-prepare meals so can conserve your energy during the day
  • Reduce the amount of time you are on your feet to help prevent your feet from swelling.
  • Putting your feet up regularly and wearing comfortable loose shoes will help reduce swelling too. 

Seek Medical Attention When Necessary

Be mindful of your body and any changes during hot weather. 

  • If you have any symptoms of heat exhaustion or heat stroke, such as nausea, dizziness, vomiting or a fever seek immediate medical attention. 
  • During hot summer months when you are pregnant your body can swell in certain areas such as the hands, fingers, and feet. If you notice your hands or feet suddenly swelling speak to your midwife immediately as this can also be a sign of pre-eclampsia 
  • Heat-related illnesses should be taken seriously, especially if you’re pregnant. When experiencing signs of heat exhaustion, find a cool spot, drink some water, and take it easy until you feel better.

Pregnancy in Summer: Final thoughts

Although many pregnant women are able to manage high temperatures, sudden rises in temperature can make pregnancy difficult to manage and can cause health issues for some. If you are pregnant during a heatwave, it is advisable to re-adjust to a slower pace of life and take things easy.  

Pregnancy can already be a challenging time physically, so if you are able to make the most of resting more. Try to rest for at least an hour a day with your feet up to reduce swelling and make sure to stay on top of your hydration. Be mindful to drink plenty of water, dress for the heat, stay cool indoors, and get help if necessary.

Happy Summer!


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