If like me you have been a parent for quite some time, 24 years in my case, you will have attended and hosted many children’s birthday parties. 2 hours spent in a village hall or play centre is honestly my idea of hell! 30+ children all crammed together, the noise alone is enough to drive any person to distraction. Now don’t get me wrong, the children love it, but it does get a little boring after a while.

We recently celebrated my sons 4th Birthday, as a lover of the outdoors, we decided to hold his party at a wonderful local outdoor play group , it is the stuff of dreams for any child, even adults if they are totally honest! You are surrounded by beautiful woodland, with lots to explore. I first attended Wildplaynaturesway in late 2020, its was a gem of a find, even more so after the months of lock down we had experienced. My son affectionately named it “drum forest school” on account that it is in the forest and they had drums that he absolutely loved bashing and making as much noise as possible with.

My son at wildplay taken on my iPhone.

My son absolutely loved it, as did I and we attended every week! We played in the mud kitchen, rowed too far off lands in the rowing boat, we were even taken by pirates at one point!

It was an easy decision to have his party here, 2 hours of happy children, playing in the wonderful outdoors. What could be better than fresh air and sun, I even had the added bonus of watching my husband fall over in some mud!

All the children had a wonderful time, making nature crowns, toasting marshmallows over the fire pit ( all very safe ) looking for frog spawn in the pond, cooking up a storm in the mud kitchen, exploring treasure island, you name it, they did it!

It goes without saying of course that you are going to get dirty but that is half the fun, I know all four of my children have loved splashing in puddles and stomping through squelchy mud, so you do need to be prepared.

Enjoying the mud!

The children finished off the morning with a packed lunch box sitting in the tree house, excitely taking while tucking into their cheese sandwiches and other tasty treats. They were all dirty but tremendously happy. I am a firm believer that children need to explore and get dirty. I grew up surrounded by our wonderful Kentish countryside and spend hours playing in it with my friends making dens, climbing trees and looking for faeries.

If you are looking for ideas for your child’s next birthday party, consider holding it in a setting like this, I can highly recommend Wildplaynaturesway, not just for parties but for somewhere to take your little ones for some outdoor fun,


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