Choosing a portrait photographer, what do you need to look for?

So, you want some professional pictures done of your children/family but where on earth do you start when it comes to photographers!?

I remember when my older children were small taking them to a store and having portraits taken of them, you were suckered in with a cheap initial price, then when you went back to view, Wham, you were hit with a huge bill if you wanted all the prints! I often left bewildered and a lot lighter in the pocket!

You see I don't like sales gimmicks, saying a shoot is only £9.99 and you get a free 9 x 6 may sound great but it's the hidden cost that comes as a shock. That is never the full picture, I mean who can just take one picture of their adorable child!? You usually want them all! I know I did!

So now its 2019 and sadly this practice still exists, I've seen many adds on social media platforms offering cheap deals and it makes me sad, sad that people are getting suckered in to it, I don't know about you but I hate surprises, especially when it comes to bills!

So, choosing a photographer to capture your children/family is a big deal, but where do you start when trying to choose.


Many people think they only factor is price, yes, we all have a budget but usually if you want something enough you will save for it even if initially it is out of your reach finically. I mean who doesn't save for a holiday or the gorgeous pair of shoes that you saw in the store. I know I sure do but the fact of the matter is good photography isn't cheap, the facts of why are outlined in my previous blog, you can read it here.

Is your chosen photographer up front with pricing, do you know just what you are getting for the cost? There should be no hidden costs, remember the £9.99 deal with the free print? that is never going to end well, or cheaply!

I know I value my clients, going above and beyond to make sure they get a wonderful experience and images, artwork that generations will cherish and that will last! I don't just snap away, every shot is thought about and planned, down to the smallest detail, a good photographer will be committed to you from beginning to end but sadly that doesn't come cheap.

Style and Consistency

Price aside it’s so important to get the right photographer for you.

Look at their website or Facebook page or even Instagram (I’m just getting to grips with all the hashtags!!)

Most photographers will have a style in which they shoot and edit, do you like it? there is no point going to a photographer who only shoots black and white lifestyle if you want colour and posed images. Not all photographers are the same. Not all photographers shoot portraits either!

Choosing a photographer that specialises in the type of shoot you are looking for is fundamentally important too. I wouldn't expect someone to come to me that wants a wedding shoot, that is just not what I do, I don't shoot newborns either, that is a skill all on its own, its one I might do in the future but not yet.

I, for example shoot fine art, so artist vision is very important to me, of course I work with my clients to get to know what they want overall but they come to me knowing this, they like what I shoot and how I do that, it very stylised and definitely has a unique and atmospheric feel.

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How they make you feel

Choose someone that makes you feel comfortable, are they good with children, do they make you feel relaxed? let’s face it unless you are a top model not many people feel comfortable in front of a camera straight away!


This is often something that people don't think about, what I mean is, does the photographer have insurance? do they provide a contract so you are both covered!? Do they have a GPDR policy, is your personal data safe? This is something that should not be overlooked.

I hope this has helped elevate some confusion that you may have been having, choosing the right photographer to capture your children/family is important, after all you are spending your hard-earned money on a luxury experience, you owe it to yourselves and your family to get it right.

Sam x


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